Hi, I make games!

In 2023, I've founded Sleepy Mill Studio, head over there for more info

About Me

After completing my studies, I joined Ubisoft's editorial department, working on games such as Watch_Dogs 2 or Star Trek VR

Then I joined Ubisoft Paris Studio, as a Lead Game Designer on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (on progression systems) and Skull & Bones.

In 2022, I was looking for new challenges and jumped in the indie world, first as a game director Little Big Adventure reboot, but then it was cancelled and now I'm founding my own studio!

During my free time, I play a lot of board games, do handiwork, run semi-marathons (not every week) and write about games.

Game Design Articles

I've always liked taking the time to analyze game in-depth. My writings were previously hosted on Medium but I know launched a regular format on Substack.

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